Dust of the Mindye

“The Dust of The Mindye” with foreword by Wurundjeri Elder & Manager of Wurundjeri Cultural Heritage Council’s Education Programs, addresses “Australia’s Pock-Marked History – The use of Biological Warfare In the Conquest of Australia.” Uncle Bill says, “Jim’s ability to find contextual meaning shines through in the Dust of the Mindye.  His gifts as a story-teller are complemented by his intellectual skills and training as a forensic investigator. The result is a compellingly readable book that unfolds like a novel.”

Batman's 'Treaty'

“Batman’s ‘Treaty’ – The True Story. The validity of Batman’s version of his famous negotiations with the Wurundjeri to purchase land for the future site of Melbourne is freshly challenged in this brief and eye-opening account.    “Batman inspired passionate feelings either for or against him, in practically everyone he met or who viewed him through the prism of history.” Here we are treated to a fascinating and detailed analysis of both sides of the story.